cardo was the Latin name given to a north-south street in Ancient Roman cities and military camps as an integral component of city planning. The cardo maximus was the main or central north–south-oriented street.


Our mission is to uncover, develop and capitalize on residential and retail investment properties in developed and emerging global markets, so our investors can enjoy healthy returns.

Our vision is to position our network as the leader in cross-border real estate investments and offer unparalleled growth to our investors.

Cardus Development LLC is a real estate development and investment firm focusing on core and value-added domestic markets, as well as opportunistic emerging markets. Domestic markets focus on gateway cities offering opportunities to develop, or acquire and reposition underperforming assets in the multi-family, office space or mixed-use space. Emerging markets focus on the opportunity to participate in growing foreign investment in residential multi-family and single family homes, as well as retail space.

Our cross-border investment philosophy hedges against domestic economic forces, and capitalizes on nations who are opening their borders and have a friendly investment ecosystem, offering plenty of incentives. Our international network is quick to react to timely opportunities and keep a vigilant eye on local market knowledge. We mitigate investment threats by being aware of these risks and analyzing them on a micro- and macro-level for long term success.

Think of Cardus Development as your mentor and knowledgeable expert in global real estate. We’re here to help you diversify your portfolio and hedge against economic forces so you can exceed your investment goals.


Our network of market researchers, advisors, economists and professionals analyze and monitor macro and micro forces that may affect investment performance, and capitalize on opportunistic projects that create capital appreciation and reliable cash-flow.


We believe a diversified portfolio hedges against threatening economic forces, such as interest, inflation and exposure to foreign markets that can affect investment returns. Our risk mitigation strategy is in place to minimize currency, tax, political and geopolitical threats.


Our projects are not restricted by location or time zone. We operate in global markets, developed and emerging in a variety of opportunities in the retail and residential spheres. Central America and Southeast Asia are our areas of speciality as there is a strong demand and friendly investment ecosystem.

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